Multi-resolution procedural tile patterns with Processing (presencial ou online)

Vai decorrer no Porto, na Faculdade de Belas Artes, um Workshop de Processing, intitulado “Multi-resolution procedural tile patterns with Processing” dinamizado pelo Pedro Amado. De acordo com o organizador do evento:
“This is a 3-hour beginner-level workshop using the Processing environment:
Main event will be in-person, but a live stream will be available (choose your ticket accordingly)

Participants will be guided through the first steps of computer programming: using variables, functions and parameters, conditions, and loops to structure the algorithm and decision trees.
Taking the work of Portuguese visual artists such as Maria Keil and António Quadros Ferreira, contemporary computational artists such as Manolo Gamboa Naon and Amanda van Wallinga Haverkamp, or graphic designers such as Paul McNeil and Hamish Muir as starting references, participants will produce a simple Truchet-based modular multi-resolution pattern system capable of exporting generative tile compositions as vector files that can later be employed or further developed in more complex projects.

Workshop Program
Introduction (participants, instructors) and conceptual reference (visual references, modular concepts, and a quick overview of the processing “ecosystem”);
Drawing with code instructions: Shapes & Properties;
Variables (different types);
Functions and parameters;
Transformations (Matrix);
Loop (cycles) and Nested Loops;
Simple if-else Conditions;
Using Arrays;
Saving and exporting the results (with an additional library).

Participants must have access to a personal computer with Processing 4 installed to participate in the workshop. Processing is an Open Source software available at:
Participants should have the Eduroam WiFi access configured on their computers, or be able to set-up a Guest Wi-Fi connection in our facilities (credentials will be provided on site).
The links to any necessary materials and code repository will be emailed to the registered participants on the day before the workshop.
The workshop will be held in-person and in Portuguese language, but is suitable to English-speaking attendants. Participants are required to follow an inclusive and constructive code-of-conduct:

Participants’ registration limitation and waiting list
Due to the in-person mode and facility constraints, the workshop registration is limited to a maximum of 20 participants attending in-person.
Participants interested in the live stream, must also register to receive the link. Registration will be managed exclusively through EventBrite.
If more participants than available slots are interested, a waiting list will be setup. We ask participants who are unable to attend to cancel their registration on EventBrite so that the system can give an opportunity to those on the waiting list to register and attend.

More information
This workshop is part of the Processing Community Day 2023 @ Porto:

The PCD23 is a free and open-participation event and part of a larger initiative: We welcome all members of the local and international community to join us. It aims to promote Creative Computation and Computational Design Thinking.

Additionally, to this series of warm-up workshops, the conference program features a keynote conference from Anna Carreras, an exhibition (resulting from the call for works that is open until January 15, 2023), and a final Education Roundtable with a selection of guests from all over the country. Participation in all activities is free, but registration is required.”

Este evento é gratuito: presencial ou online!

+infos(oficial): LINK

+infos(outros eventos):

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