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Why Great Teachers Are Also Learners (por Vicki Davis)
You can inspire students to learn with simple demonstrations of your own curiosity

1 – Spend 15 minutes 3 times a week learning new things
2 – Talk about the new things you’re learning, and let your enthusiasm show
3 – Share your questions about topics that interest you, and ask for student feedback
4 – Show students that you’re willing to investigate
5 – Let students see you learning leisurely on your own
6 – Let students hear you talk about learning
7 – Let students see you proudly sharing your learning
8 – Involve students in on-the-fly learning
9 – Give students opportunities to share what they are learning

fonte: http://www.theatlantic.com/sponsored/impact-of-one/archive/2012/02/why-great-teachers-are-also-learners/253376/

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