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SuperCollider Workshop #SuperCollider

Vai decorrer brevemente online e durante algumas tardes de sábado, um workshop online acerca da ferramenta SuperColider. O formador e promotor do evento é o Michel Soto que para além desta ferramenta também tem dinamizado outros relacionados com musica e sonoridades.

“SuperCollider Workshop!
Learn creative coding combining sound synthesis, algorithmic composition, generative structures, interactive interphases and digital instrument design! Use a cutting edge software for audio processing in real time in a programming workflow environment.
8 sessions, 3 hours each. Once per week. Sundays 19:00 Berlin time. Starting September 26.
Classes held online on zoom (recorded on video, available to rewatch it offline).
Fee for the whole workshop: 70 euros or 80 dollars.
Enrollment via michel.soto09@gmail.com or send a pm”

+infos(formador): LINK

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