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Uma lista colaborativa acerca de ferramentas open-source #opensource

Lista construida com ajuda da comunidade.. que não se resume só a isto :)

Animation & video:

Tools for creating moving images, either animated or videographic.

  • Wick Editor – Also an engine- do frame animation like Flash. 
  • Jsetter – A free editor for making pixel art animations and tilesets.
  • Paint of Persia – A rotoscoping tool that lets you draw pixel art over video frames.
  • Clipnote Studio – An online remake of the much beloved flipnote studio by Nintendo. 
  • Looom – ($10) An easy-to-pickup iOS app/toy that exports SVGs.
  • Aseprite ($15) – A a sprite editor that lets you create 2D animations, heavily used.
  • Pixatool ($50) – PixelArt conversion tool. Not cheap, but on sale regularly.
  • Juice FX ($20) – Add style (“juice”) to your sprites and animations.
  • Smear FX ($15) – Add smearing to your sprites and animations.
  • Synfig Studio – A 2D animation tool.
  • Video Downloader Bot – A twitterbot you can @mention to have it turn a piece of media into a download link. 
  • Gifski – Convert videos to high-quality GIFs on your Mac. 
  • Easing functions cheat sheet – A “what type of animation do you need” resource.
  • Mr. Squiggles – Dead simple animated doodle maker.
  • Synopsis – Open source computational cinematography.
  • Time Lapse Assembler – Create movies from a sequence of images.


Tools that help you deal with 3d models or 3d space.

  • Figurio – A free online modelling app. 
  • Vertex Meadow – A tool that renders (& makes) 2D images as explorable 3D terrain.
  • Makehuman – Generate (lightly cursed) human-shaped models.
  • Mixamo – Free, but requires a login- community sourced walkcycles and 3d animations which you can apply to any model that can T-pose.
  • Texturelab – A tool designed to make procedural texture generation fast, simple and free.
  • AwesomeBump – A program that generates normal, height, specular or ambient occlusion, roughness or metallic textures. 
  • Hme – A program for creating, manipulating and viewing height maps.
  • NormalMap-Online – Create normal maps from height maps for free.
  • Crocotile 3d – A tool for creating 3d scenes with 2d tiles.

+infos(fonte): http://everest-pipkin.com/teaching/tools.html

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