No âmbito do aniversário do Processing, está a decorrer uma chamada de trabalhos.

A chamada de trabalhos indica que:
“The Processing Community Day Coimbra 2021 is accepting artwork submissions on the theme “anachronism”. We invited professionals, researchers, students, designers and artists to submit individual or collective projects that visually and/or conceptually explore techniques or subjects related to persons, media, events, objects, languages from a different time period than the period that the artwork was designed.

In this PCD@Coimbra edition, we welcome the submission of outputs of a given system (or application), a proposal of an installation of the system itself and also the proposal of interaction with the system. Interested people may submit their work to three distinct tracks: system outputs as posters; installation of the system/application itself; and performance based on an interaction with the system or its outputs.

The selected artworks will be exhibited and/or presented during the PCD@Coimbra in one or many exhibition venues in Coimbra, Portugal.

(I) The artwork(s) must be aligned with the theme “anachronism.”
(II) Code (any programming language) must be used in at least one stage of the design process. Code can be used either to produce materials (for example images or sounds) or in the final generation (generating the whole artefact/experience). Provided that you fulfil these requirements, you are allowed to use any media, material or technique.”

Até 30 de setembro é possivel submeter proposta de trabalho, e não é importante a linguagem de programa usada :)


+infos(a call): LINK

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