Concurso de código criativo #p5js

Está a decorrer um concurso onde é obrigatório usar código criativo, mais concretamente a biblioteca de Processing, p5js :) e o prazo termina dia 1 de setembro!

“2021 Mariner’s Award for Computational Art
We invite all creative coders, emerging and established, to submit their work for the inaugural Mariner’s Award for Computational Art, an annual contest hosted by the Oceanic Consciousness Club and designed to advance the presence and practice of creative coding in contemporary society.

In memory of the late Irish poet and philosopher John O’Donohue, this year’s theme is beauty. Not to be mistaken for glamour, beauty is, for O’Donohue, that quality of an experience that invites us into relationship with the larger order of creation. In this way, O’Donohue aligns beauty with the transcendental sense of connectedness or oneness that humans have felt across the ages, a theme that harmonizes well with the mission of the Oceanic Consciousness Club.

Applicants are encouraged to submit works of computational art that aim to invoke O’Donohue’s notion of beauty. All sketches must be written in p5.js and hosted on the OpenProcessing website with the sketch and code visible. Finalists will be asked to place a unique comment in their code to verify ownership of the sketch. Multiple submissions are accepted, one per entry.”


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