Processing Community Day, chamada de trabalhos (em Coimbra)

Está a decorrer um concurso “Processing Community Day” apoiado pelo Department of Informatics Engineering of Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra (Portugal). Este concurso tem como base o uso da tecnologia Processing.

“Requirements: (i) use the theme “25”; and (ii) use code (any programming language) in at least one stage of the poster design process. Code can be used either to produce materials (for example images) or in the final generation (generating a poster using code).
Provided that you fulfill these requirements, you are allowed to use any material or technique (illustration, typographic approaches, etc.). You may use any content of your choosing (i.e. you can make use of one word, many words or even no words at all).”

..a chamada de trabalhos termina no próximo dia 23 :D


+infos(outras edições):

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