offTopic: showed dramatic increases in visual attention and memory

Estava na conversa com uma pessoa Amiga, que me falou do “!(NOT)bem” do uso das tecnologias e principalmente do mundo da informática para as crianças, fiquei de lhe retratar um pouco melhor a minha opinião de que as ferramentas informáticas ajudam a desenvolver capacidades e que não existem outras ferramentas tão poderosas.

e misturando outros assuntos dei com estes dois parágrafos:
“”There is little doubt that the Internet is changing our brain.
Everything changes our brain. What Carr neglects to mention, however,
is that the preponderance of scientific evidence suggests that the
Internet and related technologies are actually good for the mind. For
instance, a comprehensive 2009 review of studies published on the
cognitive effects of video games found that gaming led to significant
improvements in performance on various cognitive tasks, from visual
perception to sustained attention. This surprising result led the
scientists to propose that even simple computer games like Tetris can
lead to “marked increases in the speed of information processing.” One
particularly influential study, published in Nature in 2003,
demonstrated that after just 10 days of playing Medal of Honor, a
violent first-person shooter game, subjects showed dramatic increases
in visual attention and memory”

e ainda:
“The new media have caught on for a reason. Knowledge is increasing exponentially; human brainpower and waking hours are not. Fortunately, the Internet and information technologies are helping us manage, search and retrieve our collective intellectual output at different scales, from Twitter and previews to e-books and online encyclopedias. Far from making us stupid, these technologies are the only things that will keep us smart.”

daqui a uns dias irei fazer chegar-lhe uns artigos.. ;)

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