linguagem processing

Uma frases soltas de uma entrevista aos pais do processing :P

Acerca do inicio da programação: “I was very lucky that my dad brought an Apple II into the house in the 1980s. These early home computers encouraged programming and there were books on programming in Basic written for kids. I don’t remember if I started with Basic or Logo, but I learned a little with both. I hit a wall and I wasn’t motivated to learn more.”

“the big idea of Processing is the tight integration of a programming environment, a programming language, a community-minded and open-source mentality, and a focus on learning — created by artists and designers, for their own community. The focus is on writing software within the context of the visual arts. Many other programming environments embodied some of these aspects, but not all”

acerca do futuro: “We’re only looking as far into the future as 2.0. We’re planning a 1.5 release before that, which will have two additional components. First, the current video system using QuickTime will be replaced by GStreamer. Second, Processing will become more integrated with OpenGL, which will improve the speed of apps that use OpenGL. One of Casey’s former students, Andres Colubri is the protagonist for the GStreamer and OpenGL integration. For 2.0, the text editor (and the development environment, to an extent) will be modernized to include useful features for beginners and experts. At least that’s the plan, it all depends on how much time we have and the contributions of others.
We also want to focus on supporting other projects that extend Processing in different ways. We’d like to spend more time supporting people who are creating Tools and Libraries for Processing, or those who are developing versions that run with other languages (JavaScript, Python, etc.)”


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