The First 10 Things Everyone Does with their New Arduino

Eis um post de um blog muito interessante sobre as 10 primeiras coisas que se faz quando se compra uma board de arduino :), aqui fica um resumo das dez etapas:
1 – Make it blink
2 – Make it blink faster (or slower)
3 – Make a function to make the Arduino blink
4 – Send stuff over the serial port from the Arduino to your PC
5 – Merge the LED blinking with the Serial
6 – Send something from the computer to the Arduino… and back…
7 – Combine the Serial sending with blinking
8 – Put everything together in one big mega program – count, blink, echo, and blink again
9 – Copy and paste
10 – Meet people on the web who use Arduinos


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