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6 Castelos, um boardgame português

A malta da Pythagoras – GAMES já está em fase de produção do novo jogo 6 Castelos. Não existem grandes detalhes a não ser que chega as lojas em setembro. “In the XII century, during the territory reconquest, small kingdoms are formed in the Iberian Peninsula, which will continue to fight among themselves in the […]

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Mémoire 44 – um daqueles jogos de tabuleiro :)

Numbers of players 2 players (possibility to play in teams) Recommended age From the age of 8 Duration of a game about 30 minutes Author Richard Borg illustrators Cyrille Daujean , Claude Rica , Julien Delval Editor Days of Wonder Price $ 55 “Conclusion Memory 44 is a strategy / wargame game in which one moves one’s units on […]

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